Does the backup software run reports?

James asked:

Is is possible to run reports for us to see if clients backups have worked?
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    Hi James,

    Currently the software does not provide any reporting other than what is shown on the program's main window: last backup, status, etc...

    I think that feature is too specific to your situation to add to our standard private label software product, but it is something that we could custom program for you.

    There are two ways we could do it:

    1) Have the software send status updates to a page on your website that would receive them and process them.

    2) Build a server into the software so that you can query it for status. This would require you to know the customer's IP address.

    I would recommend option 1. We could handle the client software updates, the webpage that receives them, and the database for you if your servers support MySQL. Alternatively, we could just configure the client software to send data to a specific URL and you could take it from there.

    I hope that helps.


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