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Easy Calorie Counter

Do you have instructions for this? When I enter a food, I know it is giving me a totally incorrect count. I may just be doing something wrong.
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  • Hi Gail,

    If you click the Help menu there is a tutorial in the help file.

    Essentially what you want to do is type a food. Then when the program finds results, select the one you want (using the up and down arrows to move through foods).

    It will then display the calories of a recommended serving. You use the multiplier to specify how many of that serving you are having.

    For example, I eat two eggs frequently. I type "Eggs", wait for it to return the results, and select "Eggs, cooked" from the list. The recommended serving is 1 egg, 80 calories.

    Since I am having two, I change the multiplier value to 2. Then I get a value of 160 calories.

    I press enter and the food is added to my list.

    All of the foods in the USDA database that comes with the app should be accurate. There are also user submitted values in the cloud. Those are marked with an * because they could be inaccurate.

    If you find a food is inaccurate you can type in the correct value for it. That value will be stored in your personal database and override any other values.

    I hope that helps! If you have a particular food that you think is not correct please let me know, I can fix it.


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