I’m pissed off

Every tv show I click on show no video available, even though I have purchased time from your partner VPN.

The details are in the subject title. I think you guys have a scam going on with your suggested VPN and your purchase in the app store.
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  • Hi Justin,

    I offer a 30 day money back guarantee on everything purchased through our website, and you should also be able to get a refund through the Mac App Store, if you purchased there, by contacting their support.

    I do have an affiliate account with Overplay VPN which is a small percentage of the user's monthly fee. So my incentive is long term customers. I use it myself and have never had any problems. I don't know what their refund policy is, you would have to contact them for that.

    Could you tell me a few things:

    1) Where are you located and where are the videos you're trying to play located?
    2) Does the error message say you are being blocked because of your location (a VPN issue) or something else?
    3) Have you installed flash?
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