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File Hider help file

Adding files and folders

You can add files and folders by dragging them to the file list, selecting them with the Add Files button, adding directories with the Add Folder button, or searching for them using the File Search button.

Hiding files

Select items from your file list. Then click the Hide button. The files will then be hidden from view but will remain in their current location. If you delete the directory they reside in the will also be deleted. If you have selected the option to break aliases then the files will first be copied and the original will be deleted. The copy will then be hidden but still reside in the original directory. Copying files in order to break aliases takes longer than simply hiding them.

If the process is taking too long you can click the Stop button to abort. Doing so could leave partially copied files on your hard drive, but will never damage your original files.

Viewing hidden files

Your files and folders still exist in the same location on your hard drive. You can select them from the file list and view them using the Open button. They will have a slightly different name which will be changed back when you make them visible.

Showing Files

To show your hidden files again select them from the file list and click the Show button. Your files will be made visible in their original location.

Removing Files

You can remove a file from the list. They will be made visible before they are removed from the list.

Missing Files

If you delete the directory containing your hidden files they will still be shown in the list but marked as missing. If you can restore them from your trash folder and restart the app their status will change back to hidden or visible depending on their state.

Recovering files

If you remove this app from your computer before making all files visible they will remain hidden. The first step to recovery is to reinstall this app and make all files visible before you remove it again. As long as the database of your files remains in your application data folder you should be able to easily restore your files using this method.

If you are unable to restore them using the first method you can use the manual recovery tool. Open the Hide menu and select Manual Recovery. You can enter the path to any item or browse for your files. Browsing using this method will show both visible and hidden files. Once you have found the path to your files press the Show button to make them visible.
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