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I’m disappointed

Hidden files still show

I just bought the full « Easy file hider » for mac OS X.
I actually have two issues.

The first is light : After having hidden some files and folders, they still show under « recent » when I right-click the apps (Word, VLC videos, etc...) and they do download hen I click on them !
They also show when you use the Apple top-left corner scroll-down menu under « recent ».
So, the issue is settled by erasing the history under both tabs after hiding the file.

The other issue is serious enough that I have to srop using the app.
As advertised, the hidden files don’t show in the finder at their respective places.
But they DO show when you click « All my files », making the app useless.
I must admit the answer posted for a similar problem is not clear to me

For the time being, I switched to another app that is really hiding my critical information everywhere, especially from the finder.

If you have a fix on that, I am wide open.
Thank you.
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