How can I migrate passwords from the Lite version of Easy Password Storage after purchase?

I have been using the free version of Easy Password Storage (Lite) and want to upgrade to the full version. How can I do it without losing my passwords?
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  • No problem, it's easy to migrate the passwords using one of the following options:

    1) Simply use the in-app purchase to upgrade, then you can keep using Easy Password Storage Lite just like the full version, they will be identical.

    2) Export your passwords from the Lite version and import them into the full version. You can choose to use encrypted export or plaintext. If you use an encrypted export, you will need to enter the password of your account in the Lite version when you import them.

    3) Create a free cloud account from the Lite version. Then, create an account in the Full version using the same Username, Master Password and Encryption Type. Sign into the cloud account from the full version and the passwords will sync automatically.

    4) Use WiFi Sync. Use one copy of the app as the server, and copy the server URL. Use the other copy of the app as the client and connect to the server URL. The passwords will sync automatically.

    I recommend number three just because having the cloud set up can be very helpful to backup your passwords automatically.

    Note: If you're using OS X Yosemite, make sure you upgrade to Easy Password Storage 4.3 when it is released in late November 2014, it fixes a Yosemite bug that causes problems with the cloud connection.
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