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I’m confused

How do import advanced scoring I created on iPad to iPhone?

This is sort of (2) parter:
I tried my hand at advanced editing the game Farkle's scoring and am reasonably happy with my progress (not a programmer or scripter by trade, just don't think that way). I did it on my iPad.
What I'm not sure how to force is the syncing of games on my iPad with my iPhone. I'm logged into the cloud on both devices, as well as my BGG account. I see all of the players, and Farkle shows up in my game list along with the Test Game on my iPhone, but no other games, and none of my advanced scoring. My iPad lists closer to 50 games, and the scoring works there.
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  • Hi,

    It sounds like you're doing it right since you're logged into the cloud on both devices.  If that's not working properly could you email me at with your cloud username and password so that I can test it for you?

    On alternative is to use CSV Import / Export, but that doesn't mix well with the cloud because you could end up with duplicates if the cloud starts working, so I would avoid that for now and try to figure out what's going on with the cloud.

    One thing: on your iPad with 50 games you should see a little message that says "Uploading Data" whenever it is sending data to the cloud.  You should have seen it a lot when you first logged in.  I would say log out of the cloud on the iPad, log back in, navigate to the home page and wait to see if you see "Uploading Data" within a few seconds.

    If you don't try editing a player icon, which will prompt a cloud update.  Navigate to the home screen again.  If you don't see any prompts after that there is probably an issue like corrupt data preventing a cloud update.  I can help get it sorted out once I have access to your account and can look through the data on the cloud.

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