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How do I access easy password storage from other devices

Installed easy password storage on mac.
Entered passwords.
Works good.
Installed on second mac.
Created account with same login.
Logged in.
No passwords.
How do I sync?
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  • Hi Larry,

    It sounds like all you need to do is create a cloud account, then sign in on both devices.

    On the first device click Cloud > Register
    Create a cloud username and password
    Back in the app, enter your cloud username and password
    Click Sign In

    It will tell you the cloud is active

    One the second device click Cloud > Register
    Use the same cloud username and password as the first device
    Click Sign In

    It will tell you the cloud is active

    Within a few moments any passwords you entered on either device should be available on both devices.

    If there are any issues, double check that your Easy Password Storage Username, Master Password, and Encryption Type are the same on both devices.

    Warning: Slightly Techie Security Talk

    The process is a bit more difficult for security purposes: your master password is secret.  It is never sent to the cloud.  Because of that, you can't just log in on a different device.  Both devices need to know the secret password first and then they send encrypted data back and forth to the cloud.  That way if someone logs onto a device and enters your cloud username and password, they won't be able to decrypt any of your data because their device doesn't know your Master Password.  Similarly, I can never decrypt your data even though I control the cloud servers, because I don't know your Master Password either. 

    It's a bit confusing but for maximum security this is the only way to do it.  


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