How do I submit information about my private label software to you?

After my purchase how do I submit my customization information to you? Should I email it or can I submit it through your website?
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    After your purchase you will be able to access your software immediately on your My Account > My Software page.

    You can customize your software entirely online in a matter of minutes. On the My Software page you will be presented with the following steps:

    Step 01: Enter the program name, company name, website, purchase page, demo type, and other program specific information.

    Step 02: The information you entered in step one is used to generate a EULA for you using our template. You can edit the EULA or create a new one from scratch.

    Step 03: The information you entered in step one is used to generate a Readme file. You can edit it or create a new one from scratch.

    Step 04: You can choose to have our artist create graphics for you and provide instructions for him, or you can use our templates to create and upload your own graphics. You can also choose your GUI type and upload icon images if you chose those options.

    Step 05: Choose your registration type. You can choose freeware, single registration code, or unique registration codes for each user.

    Once all steps are completed you finalize your order. This submits all information to us and places your software in our work queue. We handle everything from this point forward and your software is usually completed within three business days.
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