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I’m hopeless

I lost hte master passwords for the "easy password storage". What can I do ??

I lost my usersname and password for getting entrance to all my passwords when upgrading my computer. What can I do ?
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  • There is no way that I can recover the passwords.  Were you using it with the "Remember my password" option selected?  If that's the case, if you can roll your computer back to a date before the upgrade it should become filled in again, allowing you to log in and click the Account Details menu option which will show you your password.

    If you have another copy of the app on another device that you were using to sync with the cloud you can find your password from the Account Details menu on that device.

    Finally, if you have backups of your computer and you can find an old copy of the Prefs.rsd file that is stored with the app, and replace the current one with the old one, it should fill in your saved password again (assuming you had that option selected before).


    -Open Finder 
    -Navigate* to: ~/Library/Containers/com.rebrandsoftware.easypasswordstorage/Data/Library/Application Support/Easy Password Storage/ 
    -Rename prefs.rsd to prefs.rsd.old
    -Copy your backup version of prefs.rsd into this folder and restart the app

    -Open Finder 
    -Hold down the OPTION key 
    -Click the GO menu 
    -Click LIBRARY in the list that appears 


    -Go to Start > Search > type "run" without quotes and in the run box type %appdata% 
    -The folder there should have a subfolder called Easy Password Storage which contains your prefs.rsd file. 
    -Rename prefs.rsd.old
    -Copy your backup version of prefs.rsd into this folder and restart the app

    If none of that works, just keep trying to remember your password.  There is no limit to the number of guesses you have.
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