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I would like to see more Streams in the Web TV software

Is it possible to get more "Streams" in the Web TV software? Many customers can't access the TV portion of the software, but the streams section are not usually blocked regionally?

In particular I would like to see streams from http://wwitv.com/ included.
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    I’m happy
    Thanks for your suggestion!

    We are actively adding streams and TV channels to the software. Right now it is a daunting task because many different countries have streaming television, but many are region restricted.

    Currently the majority of the TV content is US and UK, with a little bit of Australian programming.

    Right now we are focusing on adding Dutch content, most of which is not restricted by region. We are focusing on the major content providers and network stations.

    We are also slowly adding streams, and have built some software to help import streams into the software.

    We are developing a wwitv app right now. Those streams are not permanent, they change as users put new streams online, so we can't make permanent links to them. It's similar to Justin.TV for which there is already an app. Hopefully we will release the wwitv one soon but I don't have a date.


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