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IP Notification suggestions

Hello, the program works as intended, but let me help you make it the best.

1. I cant see that it saved the address I entered. If I click on that from another tab, it shows blank, like I haven't entered anything.

2. Add the ability to run in the background. When I close it, it closes the program. Let us get it off the dock, and still run. No remove from dock option.

3. Have it check to see if the IP has changed before sending the email. every time my computer is restarted or switch between user accounts, I get an email, and it hasn't changed.

4. Add the ability to set a time for it to check. eg: I would like mine to check every morning at 1:AM, so when I get up to remote in at 4:AM I know if it's changed.

It's a good program for the price, but a few tweeks would put it on top.

Thanks, Randy
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