Is your Web TV software legal?

Do you have the rights to market these channels? Is it legal? Do you have agreements with the content providers?
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  • The Web TV software is most definitely legal.

    All of our content sources are freely available online, and most of those sources include advertising directly within the streams. The WebTV software compiles them into a central location and makes them easily searched. Content providers are in complete control of the content and advertising, and can take content offline at any time. By providing this software we are bringing advertising revenue to content providers that they may otherwise not have.

    Any content in our database can be viewed via a standard browser. In fact, the WebTV software is essentially a modified browser that is optimized for viewing videos.

    Some things which our software does NOT do which might be illegal:

    -It does not try to read or hack into satellite feeds
    -It does not rebroadcast any content
    -It does not tap into cable networks or pay per view shows
    -It does not provide access to unauthorized copyrighted media
    -We do not host any of the content on our servers
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