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Computer Monitor/Keylogger Change Log

This is the change log for our keylogger software. The most recent version will always be listed at the top.
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  • Version 4.9

    Fixed a bug that caused a runtime error when sending email on Win Vista and Win7

    Version 4.8

    Fixed a bug that was preventing the software from sending email, and was incompatible with GMail. Now GMail works and is available as a preset. You can also send through a custom SMTP server.

    Version 4.7:

    Fixed a bug that could cause the website button to display "Visit" until the program is put into stealth mode.

    Version 4.6:

    -The splash screen will no longer be displayed during the demo after the user clicks "Continue Trial" if they are starting in stealth mode.

    -The demo screen now notes that "This window will be removed after registration"

    -Added password confirmation. Password will not save unless the confirmation matches. This will prevent accidental password lockout.

    -Updated the presets for AOL mail settings

    -Attempted to address the issue that some users are having where the program icon will show up in the start menu. Now the program will remove itself from the Taskbar completely and reside in the system tray instead. This should result in no icon ever showing up.

    -Added a system tray icon that is removed when the program is sent into stealth mode

    -Added a notification the first time the program is minimized that shows where the system tray icon is

    -Modified the way that the software restores itself from stealth so that it will show its caption with out of stealth, and remove its caption when in stealth. This way there will be no blank program names, but also no program name in the task bar if there is an issue entering stealth mode.

    -Modified the way SoftLocker works to avoid two issues: registration being deleted from the registry and invalid responses from the SoftLocker server. For more information please see the following article:

    Version 4.5

    -Removed the program caption when in stealth mode in order to fix a very rare bug that could cause the program to be displayed on the task bar when run in stealth mode.

    Version 4.4

    -Fixed a bug that caused the professional (non-eyecandy) version to crash on some Windows Vista and Windows 7 systems when opening the Schedule screen.

    Version: 4.3

    -Changed the way the program runs at startup. Removed RunAtStartupTool.exe. Added ability to remove program from Add/Remove Programs List. See the following for more information:

    Version: 4.2

    -Fixed a bug that could cause the program to crash if someone was typing while the program sent out an email notification.

    Version: 4.1

    -Fixed a bug that prevented captures from automatically starting in stealth mode

    -Fixed a bug that caused errors when viewing saved webpages

    -Added an option to view webpages in the in-program browser or the computer's default browser

    Version: 4.0

    -Completely rewritten programming for logging keys (much more accurate, efficient, and free of errors)
    -Fixed "jumbled text" captures on some machines
    -Fixed error with some special keys not being captured
    -Fixed error where very fast typists or systems slow downs could cause keys to be missed
    -Changed default webpage view option to "Live Webpages"
    -Cached webpages are now opened in the default browser to avoid runtime errors in the built in browser
    -Improved run at startup tool

    Version: 3.3

    Added "Run At Startup Tool" for Vista compatibility

    Version: 3.2

    -Fixed problems where the software would not run at startup.

    Version 3.1

    -Fixed an error message that resulted from clicking on the website button.

    -Fixed the "[Program Name] by [Company Name]" error in the window title and email messages, and "Visit [Website]" error on the website button.

    -Multiple languages do not work on Vista. This is being looked into. For now only English works on Vista.

    Version 3.0

    -Added Secure Socket Layer (SSL) option for encrypted communication
    -Added preset email server settings for a few popular mail servers
    -Added MIME attachment encoding for compatibility with more email servers
    -Added a "Browse" button to pick the save directory for captures
    -Added a button to filter out {DELETE} and {ENTER} from the keylogger window for easier reading
    -Added ability to change the stealth hotkey
    -Added feedback for testing the stealth hotkey before actually going into stealth
    -Changed the language file from XML to TXT for Vista Compatibily, which fixes the "Program Name by Company Name" error that was displayed in the program's title bar on Vista

    Version 2.9
    -Updated password form to prevent "Runtime Error 91"

    Version 2.8
    -Windows Vista Compatible
    -Higher resolution icon for windows Vista
    -German Language Translation
    -Ability to receive auto-updates to the language pack in the future
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