Keylogger Monitoring Different Windows Accounts

Want it for a laptop have windows 7 pro on it with multiple logins(4) we have an external hard drive connected to it most of the time. Is there any way to set it up just to monitor two of the logins leave the adults alone....or is it all or nothing.....
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  • Hi Timothy,

    The software is run from the Windows registry keys (that is how all startup programs work on Windows).

    There are two keys available: Local Machine and Local User.

    When we set Local User, it only runs on that account. When we set Local Machine it runs on every account.

    The software can't specify individual accounts, but you can by either:

    A) Going into each account, running the installer, and selecting "run for this user only", that should created one "Run" item in the registry for all the users you want.

    B) Doing some registry hacking and adding a "Run" entry manually.

    I hope that helps!

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