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We will sell the Licenses like a Pre-Paid Card with the Ke printed in it... now, we want the buyer to download the software after they buy the Key Code Card were they will have a download link. We will like to capture the email as part of the registration. How can we do it without having the system send a key code?
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  • If you're using the paid version of SoftLocker you can generate codes in advance using the wizard.

    Try this:

    -Open the SoftLocker client
    -Select an existing product or make a new one
    -On the Registration Code Delivery screen select "Generate a list of registration codes" and push next
    -Choose options for the codes: will they work on one computer or multiple computers? Will they expire? Then choose next.
    -Select a base username. This username will have incremental numbers appended as a suffix.
    -Enter a quantity
    -Click next and finish the wizard. It will generate a list of usernames for you.

    Next, you need to export them:

    -Click the Users button
    -In the search field, enter the base username
    -All of your usernames and codes are now displayed
    -In the menu, select the Export button
    -Choose one of the CSV format user/pass list options
    -Use the CSV in a mail merge type program to create your cards, printing the username and code on each card

    Please note that usernames generated in this way require your SoftLocker account to be active when they are first used.

    I hope that helps!

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