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I’m Disappointed

None of my software is listed in my account anymore.

I've purchased over a dozen software titles from you which I paid thousands of dollars to have re-branded and/or customized. Even the couple of titles that you still offer are even gone from my account. Was just going to purchase some new apps, but having second thoughts. Also, your forgot password page gives an error.
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  • Hi Jimmy,

    I stopped making private label software in December 2013 due to poor demand.  In July of 2015 the private label admin section was removed from the website.

    However, I am still supporting any private label purchases made between 2003 and 2013.  You won't find them on our website, but I have backups of your installers and can send them to you any time.  You can also still provide registration codes using the free version of instead of doing through your My Account > My Private Label Software page.  If there are any other services you require please email me at

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