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Not able to open file used by another process

When I try to run a file locked by SoftLocker is get a "Not able to open file used by another process" error.
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  • Thanks for reporting this. I haven't heard of this error before. Bouncer3.exe is actually your executable file.

    If this happened the very first time that you tried to run the locked file then I would suspect some kind of third party program on your system is inspecting the file and preventing it from being opened. Perhaps an antivirus product?

    If you were able to launch the file at first, but subsequent tries produced the error, then it sounds like the file is still running or not being "unlocked" when it's closed.

    Could you see if Bouncer3.exe is already running by pressing CTRL+ALT+DELETE?

    If there is anything there with the name "Bouncer" just shut them all down and relaunch the locked file. The bouncer files should allow your executable to launch, then lock it so it can't be copied, and when you close your program the other Bouncer files should close too.

    It's possible that your EXE isn't really closing when you press the close button. Maybe it's just invisible? Make sure Bouncer3.exe goes away from the processes list when you close your program.

    Let me know what happens when you try that.

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