P2p share spy problems pls help me!

I bought p2p Share spy yesterday and want to start it bout the connect test says 3 times failed... so i connected to a vpn server like told in the help .. and it didnt work... than i turned off all my internet security and it didnt work again ... im running on windows 7
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  • Hi Maximillian,

    I believe the connection test will fail on the "Find Shares" part due to a database issue on our servers (it used to provide some example shares but that has been shut down by our ISP, unfortunately).

    So what I would recommend, if you're using OverPlay VPN like I mentioned, is to go ahead and start scanning some IP ranges until you find shares that way. Windows 7 should work. Just let it run overnight and see if it's found anything in the morning.

    Let me know how that goes, and if we can't get it working it's no problem, we have a 30 day refund policy with no questions asked.


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