Questions about the Coloring Book software.

Eve wrote:

will be contacting you about ordering the coloring book
it will be great in my community
is there a demo where i can try to see how the crayons work?

what age would I market this to

do you have anyone who is marketing it so I can see what they are doing
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    Hi Eve,

    Thanks for writing. You can try the demo from the product page at:

    There are windows, mac and linux demos. Just pick the appropriate one and it will allow you to try it for 15 days.

    I would market it to ages 2-12 or so. Two is on the low side, but my daughter is 2.5 and loves it. She can use it on my macbook using the trackpad, but isn't as good at using it on my desktop windows machine (her hands are too small for the mouse).

    The software was just released last week and we have not delievered any of the initial orders yet, but unfortunately we cannot give out information about how other people are marketing it because it would be in violation of our privacy policy.

    However, there are a few other coloring book software products out there that you could look to for ideas. Just google "coloring book software" and you should find a few. We based on the features of this product on the most popular coloring book applications out there, and tried to improve upon them so that this would be the best product on the market.


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