Runtime Error 339/429

Why do I get a runtime error 339 or 329 on Windows Vista or Windows 7?
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    This applies to errors 339 and 429. Error 329 shown above is a typo.and should have read 429.

    The first part of this article applies to Windows Vista/Win 7 only. XP and older operating systems should skip the section "How to Register Files Manually" below.

    This error indicates that a file is not correctly installed on your system. In some cases it may be correctly installed for all standard users but not for the built in "Administrator" account, and you may only see this error when selecting "Run as Administrator".

    Using the Administrator account

    The built in Administrator account is not intended to be used as a user account. It is very secure and will not allow program components to be registered. Instead you should create an account with administrative rights and use it instead of the built in Administrative account. This will help solve runtime error 339/429 on our software, and lots of other software that you may install in the future. If you do not want to create a standard user account (not recommended) you can follow the instructions below:

    How to Register Files Manually

    If the problem started suddenly then a reinstall may fix it. If not, follow the directions below to register each file that is producing the error. You generally will only have to repeat the instructions 3 or 4 times:

    Click start
    In the search box type "cmd" without the quotes
    When CMD.exe appears above the search box right click it and select "Run As Administrator". This will open a command prompt with admin rights.
    Repeat the following for each file that is causing this error, replacing [filename] with the actual name of the file that is causing problems:

    -Type "regsvr32 [filename] /u" without the quotes
    -You will receive a prompt saying the file has been unregistered. Click OK.
    -Type "regsvr32 [filename]" (shortcut: press your UP ARROW and delete /u)
    -You will receive a prompt saying the file has been successfully registered.

    Run the program again. If you receive additional 339/429 errors repeat the steps above for those files. You may have to do this 3 or 4 times.
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