Web TV Channel Subscription - what is it?

What is included in the channel subscriptions for your private label Web TV software?
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  • The channel subscription for our Web TV software is optional for your private label software, but recommended.

    If you subscribe, all of your customers will have access to daily database updates. The updates are accessed by your users by clicking the "Update" button and include:

    -New TV channels, feeds, videos, radio stations and apps
    -Channel ratings
    -Featured content
    -Remote fixes to any channels that develop problems
    -Removal of outdated channels

    If you do not subscribe you will still receive the most recent copy of the database whenever we release minor version updates. However, the "Update" button for your customers will do nothing.

    Subscription prices start at $15 per month per program, allowing all of your users to access updates. Subscriptions may also be purchased in bulk at discounted rates. To subscribe, simply visit your My Software page after purchasing the WebTV software and scroll down to the channel subscription section. You may also cancel your subscription at any time from that location.

    The recommended sales model for the WebTV software is subscription based. Using that model you would only need to have 5 customers paying $3/month to make up the difference in price.
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