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Web TV Suggestions

Here are some recent suggestions for the WebTV Software that were submitted to me today. Does anyone else have suggestions?

-Place a channel count next to the search box
-Put a close button on the setup screen
-Add an auto-update feature
-Make an API that will allow software owners to connect to the database and display content
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    -Place a channel count next to the search box

    In the screenshot that was sent they suggested placing the count immediately to the left of the word "Search".

    It's hard to tell without switching languages, but the reason there is a large space there is so that there is plenty of room for the word "search" to be translated. In some languages it is much longer than in English.

    So we can't put anything there, but there is a channel count at the bottom left corner of the screen. It will say "Loaded 2038 channels", for example.

    -Put a close button on the setup screen

    Done! You will see this any build of version 3.3 created after 2010/10/22. I will rebuild a copy today for the customer who requested this feature.

    -Add an auto-update feature

    I believe the request was for program updates, not channel database updates. Unfortunately we can't do auto-update features for private label software because we cannot control who will upgrade, when they will upgrade, or where they will host the new installers.

    We are considering an auto-update feature for the channel database and will make a decision once we see how much bandwidth the current user initiated updates are taking up on average. Since this software is still fairly new we can't say for sure, yet.

    -Make an API that will allow subscribers to connect to the database and display content in their webapge/apps/etc.

    This is something we might be able to do as a custom programming job with custom subscription rates for the data. I don't think there is enough demand for this to make it part of the standard private label software package, but I could be wrong. Please post if this is a feature you would also like.


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