What do the Group Filter options in ScoreGeek's Stats section mean?

There are three options:

Plays with members only
Any play that includes a member
All plays, drop non-member scores
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  • When you create a group in ScoreGeek it is a collection of players. When stats are generated, you can use your group to filter the stats so that only certain games or scores are taken into account.

    Plays with members only

    This will drop any play (and all the scores associated with that play) which contains a player who is not a member of the group. Use this when you want to see only plays where your exact group, or a subset of your group, has participated.

    In this scenario, if a member of your group got a high score against a newer player that is not part of your group it will not be displayed. Only high scores in plays against other group members will be displayed. This is the default filter and really focuses in on the statistics for your particular group only.

    Any play that includes a member

    This will drop any play (and the scores associated with that play) that doesn't include at least one member of the group. You may end up with some stats from non-group members because they played a game with a member of your group. In this situation, you may even see that a non-group member has a high score because they achieved it in a game played against a group member. This is a better representation of who has the overall high scores in a game.

    All plays, drop non-member scores

    Instead of dropping entire plays and their scores, this drops individual scores from players who are not part of the group. Is is essentially the same as the previous filter, but removes the non-group members.

    With this option you will never see stats about players that are not in the group, but you will see group member's high scores even if they were playing a non-group member.
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