Where is the setup guide for your Web TV software?

I get an error that there are missing plugins when I use your webtv software.

Where is the setup guide that helps me to install optional plugins and connect to a VPN service?
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  • When you first start the app it should pop up a window that points to the download locations for Flash, Quicktime and Flip For Mac. Most likely the plugin you need most is Flash (we can't install it with the software so it has to be done manually).

    If you press Apple + P or CTRL + P for preferences it will open another window with a software tab. That should lead you to the links to the plugins. It also has a connection tab that links to a VPN service that I like.

    I'm in the U.S. so to watch BBC programs I have to use a VPN, and the one we link to lets you choose to have your IP address appear to be in many different countries so it's very useful. As a bonus it encrypts everything so I use it in public locations.

    I hope that helps! If you run into any problems with the plugins I recommend making sure they work in Safari on Mac or Internet Explorer on Windows since our software taps into the same web framework as those two browsers.


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