Why can't I generate registration codes for my private label software anymore?

The admin section on RebrandSoftware.com is gone. I used to log in there to generate codes.
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  • I stopped selling private label software in December 2013, but do continue to provide limited support to private label customers. However, no new updates or changes to the code are being made.

    Most PLR customers used automated links to SoftLocker.net in order to provide registration codes to their customers. However, some customers manually generated codes through their My Software page.

    The My Software page was left online for 18 months in order to allow customers time to transition to SoftLocker.net. They were removed in August 2015 and will no longer be supported.

    SoftLocker.net will continue to be free for private label owners to distribute codes.

    There are two ways you can use it:

    1) Download the SoftLocker.net app and generate codes manually by logging in with your RebrandSoftware.com account, click Users > Add. Now you can select your software and enter the user's email address to generate a code for them.

    2) Use automated links so that your payment provider can automatically supply codes to your customers.

    For a detailed overview of both ways to generate codes please see the following page:

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