Will there be any mention of your site in my rebranded software?

Eve asked:

If I purchase to rebrand the coloring book will there be any mention of your site anywhere?
I do not want anyone to know that I bought rebrandable software and I see on the consumers version there is a link to your site which defeats the entire purpose.

Please let me know.
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    Hi Eve,

    Thanks for writing. There will be absolutely no mention of our company or website, or any way for one of your users to know that you got the software from us.

    The consumer version that you were looking at is actually a copy of the software that we rebranded for ourselves. That's why you see our website there. In your copy of the software our website will be replaced by your own.

    The same goes for the program name, company name, purchase URL, and other information within the software.

    If you have any other questions please let me know.


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