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I’m frustrated

Wrong Notes Given in the Key Signature

Reflow for the new iPad.

How comes if I'm composing in the key of D that the C# and the F# notes are "heard" and "read" as C natural and F natural? It keeps thinking that I'm composing in the key of C no matter what key I use (be it flats or sharps) to compose in. Why is this happening? I've tried everything to solve the problem but, no luck. It was working fine when I first downloaded the program about a day ago.

Here is what I did:
1. Created a new file by pressing the "+" sign.
2. Chose the guitar as my instrument and named the file "Guitar Song".
3. Double tapped the stave and tapped on "Key Signature" and then tapped on "D major".
4. On the bottom right menu where there is the choice for note values I tapped the "quarter note" icon to imput a note on the staff to the tone of C#.
5. Now the note, instead of automatically becoming a C# due the fact that it is in the key of D Maj, instead becomes a naturalized C, as like the C in C Maj. The same happens when I imput values for F. Also, this same problem can be reproduced with every key signature that I try.

Any help or resolutions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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