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LessCSS + YUICompressor fail and sitemap generation broken

- Sitemap generation seems to be broken in 0.4.
Fix: Hydeengine/site_post_processors.py is missing a "import commands" statement.
- When using a media processor which alters the source file's extension, follow up processors fail. For example when using the LessCSS processor together with the YUICompressor processor, the YUICompressor fails because it's looking for a *.less file in the deploy folder which isn't there because the LessCSS processor transforms the extension to .css.
Possible fix: update the resource's source_file attribute to reflect the new path.

Would it be helpful if I were sending you a patch to address the latter issue?

Btw, do you prefer submitting issues over here or on Github? The Github issue tracker doesn't seem to be very active.
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