Ctrl+Enter no longer inserts an inline reply, it now indents.

It used to be that when I put my cursor at the end of a blip and used Ctrl+Enter, it would put a new blip inline below. Now the new blip is indented (which I'm used to if I reply to one in the middle, but not at the end.) Why did this change? If I click on the reply button below the last blip it will keep it inline as expected, but the keyboard shortcut no longer does.
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  • You're right. We've implemented Google Wave's reply threads and now all inline messages have indents and reply messages do not indents. As you mentioned there is no shortcut for adding reply messages, you can only do that with reply button. We are thinking of shortcut but do not know which to assign. May be something like ctrl/cmd + shift + enter would be nice for this purpose. What do you think about that?
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