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Photo of Luishm
Format text with indentation
I miss the option to have text indentation. Button would be expected by the bulleted lists ones. Not only helps a lot in organizing ...
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Photo of Nikita Melnikov
Mindmap gadget
Не работает гаджет майнмэп. Под win7 в FF и Chrome. В остальных браузерах не проверял. Показывает просто пустое окно - http://prntscr....
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Photo of sohra
Mark Blips as Unread
Blips marked as unread are a handy way to quickly find within a large topic what you may need to reply to (particularly in a conversation...
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Photo of
Flag or Star a comment
I'd like a way to flag or star individual comments so that I can remember to come back to them later. Maybe even a way to "mark as unread...
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