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Photo of Andrey Leschov
one doesn't work
one doesn't work on iphone 5s version 8.3. pictures 10. the dream the inception 1.9 works help half a year so.
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Photo of Selina Tique
Sound Problem
I am not able to access the microphone on in any of the dreams. I have tried deleting the app and reopening it, but the problem is still ...
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Photo of els76uk
how to enter limbo
can someone help me? i'm trying to work out how to enter limbo, but don't really understand how to do that. i've unlocked lots of diff...
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Photo of Addison J. Siemon
Dreams were Erased?
I recently reinstalled the app, having done so many times before, but this time, all my dreams, including the Africa dream were missing! ...
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