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Photo of MWharfe
Stops missed off route
Hi, I am having problems setting a route, I have outlined in red the stops that are continually missed off the route.  I have tried vario...
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Photo of RouteXL
Update to version 7
Our multi drop route planning service has been updated today. The new version brings faster optimization, better and larger routes, many ...
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Photo of Barry
Data Import and Export
Data Import and Export I seems that we can only import addresses without names and notes. Also export seems to exclude times and time res...
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Photo of Lewis Skinner
Hi, I tried to find a route and the progress bar seemed to stop for a very long time. I closed the window and tried again, but am getting...
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Photo of James
Combining Restrictions
Can you combine restriction types? i.e. have ready/due and before/after in the same request? I can get routes to populate using each s...
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