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Toxicogenetics Challenge - Subchallenge 1

Toxicogenetics Challenge Participants,

9 weeks have passed since the opening of the Toxicogenetics Challenge and 3 weeks since the Leaderboard opened for subchallenge 1.

With the submission of more than 250 predictions, we (and you) find that many of the predictions are scoring very similarly. This has started an active discussion regarding both the solvability of this Challenge problem and the appropriateness of the scoring metric selected for use in the leaderboard (mean rank based on RMSE averaged across compounds). Discussions amongst participants have appeared within the community forum. Your comments are not going unseen.

The question of 'solvability' is an interesting one -- as interesting as the development of modeling approaches that can successfully solve the problem. Please know that this is also an area of analysis and discussion between the Challenge organizers. We are actively evaluating both the question of solvability and the refinement of scoring criteria. Although our analyses are not completed, initial analyses provide evidence that supports the notion that this subchallenge is solvable. We will provide more information to you on these two important topics as soon as possible. In the meantime, we welcome your suggestions and feedback on these topics, as you are now all experts regarding this problem. Please use this thread to let us know whether you would be interested in attending a teleconference with us to discuss these items.


Gustavo Stolovitzky
on behalf of the Toxicogenetics Challenge organizing team.

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