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Can rss feeds on sage be imported to new hard drive?

I have a new hard drive in my computer. The old drive is still in there and functioning (for now), just not the default drive.

The person who installed the new drive, also installed most of the software I would be using, including Firefox, but installed it fresh rather than importing it and all it's settings. I've had no trouble re-creating what I needed, except for Sage. I had quite a few feeds on the list, but as many of them updated only rarely, I can't remember them all.

Per the advice given by a family techie, I located what was supposed to be that information on the old drive, going to:

(Drive Name):/Users/(User Name)/AppData/Roaming/Mozilla/Firefox/Profiles/(something).default/extensions

Out of the several choices there, he determined the correct one would be the one beginning with: {a6ca9b3b- I copied this to the corresponding file on the new drive, but it did not restore the feeds.

Hoping someone can assist me with this. Thank you for reading.
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