Multiple root folders found error

I have uninstalled and reinstalled Firefox 3.6 and the latest Sage. Yet I cannot get anything in the sidebar. The error console on the Firefox page says "multiple root folders found." What does this mean and how can I fix it?
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  • This means that, for some reason, two or more Sage feed folders have been created in your bookmarks tree. Sage doesn't know which one to use, so it gives the error message you're seeing in the console.

    To fix the problem, you'll need to find the duplicate folders and delete them using the bookmarks organizer (in Firefox 4 you can find this in Bookmarks -> Show all Bookmarks). The Sage feed folders are named "Sage Feeds" by default.
    • Thanks so much. I had a folder called Sage on my bookmarks toolbar. I deleted it but then got everything on my toolbar in the Sage side window. So I backed up my Sage feeds and then deleted all the bookmarks on the sidebar. Then I dropped and dragged my sage feeds into the sidebar under unsorted bookmarks. Seems fine now but I still don't understand why I got the the toolbar bookmarks in the sidebar. Doesn't matter. it works now and I am happy. Thanks for your patience and input
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