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How do I use a custom stylesheet?

How do I add a css stylesheet for Sage to use?

Is it supposed to be placed in a folder? Where?
What is the procedure to use one of the published stylesheets found in the Wiki to use in Sage? Drag and drop? Save to file?
Please explain for those of us who haven't used CSS before.
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  • If you'd like to change the way Sage renders feeds, you can tell it to use a custom stylesheet, overriding the default styling. To do this, you'll need a CSS file containing the feed style rules you'd like to use. You can write your own or you can download any of a number of user submitted examples from the Sage Community Wiki. Some of the examples are ZIP files that contain images in addition to the CSS file. You'll need to expand the ZIP file and place its contents in a folder. Once you have your CSS file and any associated images, you can open Sage's settings dialog, enable 'Use custom style sheet' and browse to find the CSS file. Sage should then use your custom stylesheet to render feeds.
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