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Integrate Sage and Live Bookmarks to maintain bookmark hierarchy


I just installed Sage, reviewing different RSS readers.

I already have a bunch of feeds saved as Live Bookmarks in Firefox 3.6. Rather than putting them in a single folder, I like to keep them mixed in with the general hierarchy under the Bookmarks menu (I keep my arts and culture feeds in with other, non-RSS bookmarks in an arts and culture folder under the bookmarks menu, ditto travel, technology, etc.)

It looks like the only way for Sage to find them is by setting the feed folder to be the 'Bookmarks Menu', which then makes all my bookmarks show up in Sage's feed pane.

Is there a way to keep the hierarchy I have, but have sage discover the feeds in there and not display the static bookmarks?

EDIT: meant to say bookmarks _menu_, not bookmarks toolbar - I saw the other question about the toolbar already.
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  • This would be possible if Sage were to begin representing all feeds as Live Bookmarks. Then we could filter out all other bookmarks, and the user would have the option of setting his bookmark menu tree root as the Sage feed folder.

    Using only Live Bookmarks would have other benefits, being more consistent with Firefox's boomarks system. Currently, Sage adds new feeds as regular bookmarks to avoid redundant fetching for users who aren't interested in the Live Bookmark functionality. However, if we were to integrate more tightly with the Live Bookmarks system, we could probably avoid this redundancy.
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