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Open on double-click?


I'm starting to use Sage, which looks like the tool I need -- expect for one behavior that is killing me: whenever I click on a feed, Sage opens a new tab (and display the list of articles at the bottom). So I end up with a lot of tabs, one per feed obviously, even when I just want to look at the titles and quite possibly not read the article at all !

In my case a simple cure would be to open the new tab when double-clicking on the feed (and displaying the list of articles below on a simple clixk, which sounds more intuitive to me).

Is this something that can be done, a setting i overlookes, or some unwanted interactions with other extensions (Tab Mix / All in one sidebar) ?

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  • Just to clarify the "desired" behavior afaic:

    - In the feed list (top of the sidebar in my case):
    -> simple click: display the list of items in the feed (bottom part of the sidebar), do nothing elese
    -> dblclick: open the feed viewer page .

    - In the feed items list (bottom):
    -> simple click: do nothing, just mark the item as read
    -> dblclick: open the item in a regular (and mark it as read)

    So far a single click does what I'd like a dblclick to do, and a dblclick does nothing special. Now, I'm not fluent in js but I do not mind giving it a try, if you'd only point me to the right place....
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