Sage does not work on Firefox 22

Hi, after the last upgrade of Firefox (22.0) and Sage (1.4.15) there were two problems:
1- folder icons have been replaced by those of the paper, and folders will not open

2- the bookmarks is not the one that was selected for Sage, but the "Bookmark Menu" (of the browser), and does not allow me to navigate in it. If I try to choose a new path to find the folder Sage (options> settings> select feed folder), he shows only the folder "Bookmark Menu" as a possible choice (!).

I tried uninstalling and then reinstalling Sage (even of different release), but it keeps giving me the same problems also disabling all add-ons.

How can I fix the problem? Can I delete parameters Sage so that when the reinstall, is forced to request them?

Please let help me to solve it because Sage is the only rss reader that I consider to be valid. Thanks
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