Can't 'Start a Meeting' in the CrunchConnect Jive App.

We noticed that when a user clicks on the 'Start a Meeting' button in the home view of the CrunchConnect app, a new window opens up, but the user just sees a 'Loading, please wait..' message that never completes loading. I've confirmed that I'm using the latest Java and Flash updates, and the button works for Safari, Chrome, and Firefox, but not for IE 8 & 9.

I did notice that I was prompted by Firefox to update plugins for this app feature to work, but I did not receive any such warning from IE 8 & 9. However, installing the updates did not change the experience for IE.

Since there are a fair number of Jive users using IE, it would be great to understand what the issue is here. Please let us know when this can be investigated; I've also reported via the app's support channel.

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