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The Scaladoc Style Guide should be more concise.

Please move explanations for why things are the way they are and any extra right/wrong examples into sidebars or disclosure sections. Something like http://google-styleguide.googlecode.c... though i'd like to see the guide-points on the left and, when possible, a short example of each to the right so the disclosure doesn't have to be expanded to reveal a simple example. If the example can't be short and concise, include it under the disclosure.
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  • Thanks for the suggestion. Indeed, that'd be useful, we'd be happy to have a reorganization of that sort-- it's understandable that most people would probably want a (very) quick reference, and that added discussion might only add noise. We'll hold on to this suggestion. is volunteer effort, so, hopefully someone will come along and pick this up.

    Thanks. If interested in helping out, let me know!
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