Scheduly integration with Outlook 2003

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Thanks Mario for asking,
the integration with ms-outlook 2003 is a bit different than the 2007 version, and here is the detailed explanation how to integrate your Scheduly to Outlook 2003 (for business owners):

For outlook 2003 to work with internet calendars you'll need to install some plug-ins to your outlook,
so these are the pre-integration phase:

First Plug-In, .Net Framework 2.0
[1] Download the .Net Framework 2.0 from here:
[2] At the pop-up choose the "Run" option.
[3] At the second pop-up press "Run" as well.
[4] And a wizard pop-up will be displayed, click "Next" for the first step.
[5] Check the "I accept..." check box and click Install (the second step).

Second Plug-Ins, PIA.exe
[1] Download file from this address -
[2] Extract the .zip file (recommended to extract it to a new folder).
[3] Go to the folder you extracted the .zip file and open the "Prerequisites" folder.
[8] Inside you'll find the O2003PIA.exe and the vstor.exe file.
[9] First install the O2003PIA.exe file (the vstor will be the forth plug in to install), just double click it.
[10] Choose "Yes" at the pop-up.
[11] Click "Browse" and go to:
C -> Windows -> System32
[12] click "OK".

Third Plug-In, setup.exe
[1] Go up from the "Prerequisites" folder.
[2] Double click the setup.exe file and a wizard will displayed.
[3] Click "Next" for the first step.
[4] Choose "I Agree" and click "Next".
[5] Click "Next" till the instalation process starts (two nexts from here..)

Forth Plug-In, vstor.exe
[1] Go back to "Prerequisites" folder.
[2] Double click the vstor.exe file.
[3] And another wizard will displayed (you know the drill..)

Fifth and last Plug-In, RemoteCalendarsSetup.msi
[1] Go up from the "Prerequisites" folder.
[2] Double click RemoteCalendarsSetup.msi.
[3] Choose "Repair Remote Calendars" option and click "Finish".

And you're done with the Plug-Ins setup!

Now open your Outlook 2003 and you'll get this pop-up "OptionsRemoteCalendar", just choose your correct TimeZone and press "OK".

To add your Scheduly appointments to it, follow the next instructions:
[1] Log-in to your Scheduly account.
[2] Go to "Appointments" tab.
[3] Click the "iCal URL" beneath the small calender at the right side (it's the last gray link at the end of the explanation block), a text box should open up.
[4] Copy the URL from the text box.
[5] Open your Outlook 2003 calendar (select the "Calendar" option at the bottom left menu).
[6] There's new toolbar added to your Outlook, click on its "Subscribe a remote calendar" button (the one with the big green "plus" symbol).
[7] Paste the the line you copied from your account (paragraph [4]), Make sure it starts with "webcal://" instead "http://"
[8] Click "OK"

Now you're finally set.
To check it just appoint yourself on Scheduly for some future date and time, go to your outlook calendar and click the "Reload a Remote Calendar" from the same new toolbar which just added to your application (it's the next button after the green plus), and the appointment you schedule should be shown in the correct date.
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