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Breaking a long mp3 into sections - chapter markers?

Can you insert chapter markers for, say, a long audiobook mp3 that you want to break into smaller sections? Is there a way to have links to chapter 1, 2, etc underneath the player, and then have the playhead jump to a specified time?
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  • Scott (Official Rep) October 01, 2009 00:36
    You could design a UI around this, but with Flash (unless using a real "streaming" server like on YouTube etc.,) you can't seek to arbitrary positions in a long file unless the sound has been loaded to that position. You can only seek within loaded data.

    A way around this might be to break the file into smaller pieces, but then you'd have to design a custom UI and also handle multiple sound files (and multiple sounds across a simulated timeline in SM2.) It quickly becomes quite complex.
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