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Looping track continuously in SoundManager 2

I just posted a comment to the topic 'Looping tracks in SoundManager 2'. Not sure if you will see the comment, so I'll post it here...

I have the same problem trying to create a continuous loop. First, let me thank you for the soundmanager tool - overall, it is great, and I appreciate your efforts.

I've tried several ways to use the onfinish() function, but can only get the sound to loop once. There has to be an easier way. I was using soundmanager v1 with the builtin loop function before, and it worked fine. I realize that the looping is not 'seamless', but for a long background track with fading, it is not an issue. Why was a feature that was working in version 1 removed from version 2? Please add this feature back. You did a good job in the original docs warning us of the limitations of the feature - you did not need to remove it just because some people might not like the way it worked. The rest of us were happy.

Thanks for listening,
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