Possible bug in reboot?

I see strange TypeException errors when I try to play sounds after soundManager.reboot(). Debugging these errors, I noticed that _s.sounds has become an Array object rather than a simple Object. Sure enough, in soundmanager2.js, _s.sounds gets init'd to {} but during reboot, gets init'd to []. (I'm using the 12-20 release.)

This is probably what you meant to do, but when I change this line:

_s.soundIDs = _s.sounds = [];


_s.soundIDs = [];
_s.sounds = {};

my strange bugs go away.

Am I totally off track here?

Incidentally, the reason I'm playing with reboot is that I have found that for a certain percentage of Chrome users on windows (all flavors), sm2 init (with preferFlash=true) times out. It's not a flashblock problem (I'm trapping that separately). My plan is to set preferFlash=false and useHTML5Audio=true and reboot in the hopes that I can get audio working for these folks.

It may be relevant that to force this error condition (ie., initial timeout) I enable flashblock in chrome and temporarily bypass the flashblock handler.
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