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I’m frustrated

Hard Bounce Threshold + Data loss?

Let me preface this issue: SendLoop is an awesome service, especially for those who need a service and can start fresh. Our situation, however, probably stems from the fact that we have outdated internal systems and recently moved from a provider who did things a certain way. We have large scale needs and hopefully this post will help provide some much needed fixes, solutions, or work-arounds to very specific problems.

Hard Bounces...

Shouldn't there be some sort of threshold that can be set before you disable hard bounces? Shouldn't there be some sort of bounce history before we decide to not send a person emails?

Personally, we get a lot of hard bounces from out-of-office replies and away messages, and unfortunately there is no way we can contact 10,000 customers and let them know that their set-up disables them from receiving emails.

Wouldn't it make more sense to allow a set number of hard bounces before disabling them? Like 5? This way you can send a few times to the same person, and if over 5 months it's always a hard bounce, then disable them, but if at any point they receive the email, reset the counter?

Thanks for any feedback. It's a little bit frustrating, since switching to sendloop, we've had like 200 times more people get disabled from hard bounces than any other email provider before.

Since we deal with Education... I have the feeling that 70% of our emails will get disabled before the year is out at this rate! Educators are very slow to adopting technology but they sure do love any type of auto-response and auto-reply.

During Easter Vactation, I would say 85% of the people we emailed had an out of office reply (we sent this with our previous email provider). The bounce rates were high but since they use a history method, very little were disabled. When Easter Vacation ended... we saw an influx in form responses directly linked to these email campaigns! Why? Because the customer actually read the email when they returned to school the following week!

Not to mention... I would be upset to learn that I stopped receiving emails from websites that I manually subscribed to in some shape or form simply because I went away and got an email with my "Auto-Reply" on.

Hopefully someone will have insight on this - it seems like a glaringly obvious oversight. Literally, we went from 184,000 subscribers to 156,000 in a single week... and these are lists that we've been vetting at other providers for over 3 years!

Thank you for any consideration to this idea.

UPDATE: I have officially downgraded this post from "Idea" to "Report a problem"

Not only have l learned how quickly bounces get disabled... I've also learned that there is no way to browse this bounce list!!!!

Sure - there is a way for me to export all the bounced information, but it's EMAIL ADDRESS ONLY! What does that even do for me if I lose all the information that was attached to that email address?

What about all the other information? First Name, Last Name, and the other 22+ custom fields I created? This is especially troublesome for us since we were planning integrating our eCommerce data/WuFoo forms with SendLoop!

Why does it delete out all the information? Or at least, seemingly do so? Maybe there is an option I am misssing....

I am sure that SendLoop expects that most companies have this directly tied into some awesome CRM system, but in truth, I imagine most people do not if they have smaller budgets.
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