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Photo of robin.nehls
Recurring Payments
It would be nice to have some kind of recurring payment option. This would be usefull, when for example one is managing money in a flat s...
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Photo of Vojtech Fried
Duplicate a payment
Create a new payment from a context menu of an existing payment. Another possibility (probably a bit confusing) is to add a "add as a new...
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  • Under Consideration
Photo of Cato Antonsen
Locked amounts
When manually entering amounts I see there is a lock next to it. But if I submit and re-open the bill, the lock is gone and the amount I ...
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Photo of Martin Janíček
iOS weights
Is it possible to add weight feature for uneven split of payments? I really miss this function, which is implemented in Android version. 
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Photo of c.miralta
Alta de familias con varios miembros
En el momento de dar de alta a familias como miembros del grupo, sería útil informar de cuantos miembros estan compuestas las familias. D...
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