• Unable to import iCal calendar events

    I'm trying to import the events from the Carolina Chapter's calendar (in iCal format) to the MySTC calendar. I've confirmed that the ics file is valid: https://www.google.com/calendar/ical/... (2011-05-20)

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  • Missing calendar event icons.

    … icons to calendar events to increase usability. However, they're only shown on some pages. For example, the icon appears correctly on http://stc.org/mystc … ... But on other pages (such as http://stc.org/mystc ) the icon does not display properly. The calendar icon in the right column should be consistent … (2011-05-26)

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  • A Calendar of Events

    Where can I find a calendar of all STC events (not chapters) that would include due dates (like CAA, for example) and so on. (2011-06-30)

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    • There used to be an old Google calendar for this this. I assume (?) that these STC events will be added to the MySTC event system? (2011-07-06)
    • … Committee later this summer to develop a revised version of that calendar. My understanding is that it's been out of date for some time, and a number of deadlines … (2011-07-07)
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  • Incorrect event listing order

    When I view the events for the Carolina group: They seem to be in a very odd order that I don't understand. At first, I thought it was in simple chronological order (Jan - Dec), but why is Jun 23 listed before Jun 21? Since older, expired events... (2011-06-24)

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    • … for each group. Surely, there has to be such a module for Joomla!.... it should be standard for any calendar. For example, the Technical Editing shows the next 5 upcoming events from its calendar: http://www.stc-techedit.org/HomePage You already have this configured on the main MySTC page: http://stc.org/mystc … (2012-02-28)
    • … years from now to appear as the first event on the list. But since we don't actually use the calendar this way, what we were asking for is that events that occur in the near future appear before the expired … (2012-02-28)
  • Please help promote Carolina Chapter API & SDK training

    The Carolina chapter is sponsoring an API and SDK event on April 16. See http://www.stc-carolina.org/API+and+S... It would be great if we could get some links from STC.org pages, especially: - http://stc.org/membership/member-bene... - (2011-03-24)

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    • … gets published (it's linked into the social network) calendar items like this WILL be published to the front page in a syndication … (2011-03-25)
  • Display events from newest to oldest

    Events on the chapter pages are displayed from oldest to newest, which means that all the events on the first page have already occurred. This is nonsensical. It doesn't help chapters promote their events if people have to page through dozens of old... (2012-01-22)

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  • Provide RSS and iCal support for STC Summit schedule

    It would be wonderful if I could get an RSS or iCal feed for the STC Summit schedule (http://www.softconference.com/stc/sli.... This way, I could add it to my personal calendar, create reminders, collaborate with others, etc. (2012-04-26)

    Tags: schedule, summit, calendar, rss, ical

  • Add landing page for community-specific events

    In the "Education" drop menu, please add a menu item for "Community events." This should link to a "landing page" that describes the community-specific monthly events. In turn, the page should link to the community's specific landing page. Related item: (2011-02-23)

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  • Array error during ical import

    I tried to import an iCal event feed into MySTC and received an "array" error: The original iCal URL is: http://www.textbox1.com/apps/rss-to-i... Possibly related to: http://getsatisfaction.com/sfortc/top... (2011-06-15)

    Tags: ical, calendar, error, array, import

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  • Reverse current order of events on Group page.

    Make most current events appear above past events on Group page. As our events come and go, the most current (upcoming) ones are at the bottom of the list, which means people don't even see them until they scroll to the next page. Please fix this. (2011-08-17)

    Tags: calendar

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