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I’m hopeful...

Being able to edit a post or a comment created by someone else!

Or at least a very basic "web document" feature...

I need to create lists of props and costumes for a play and I need the members of one of the flows to be able to add items and also add "I have got this" or "I'll buy this one", etc.

So far, we are doing this as follows.

One member creates the first rough list and posts it;
Another member that needs to add an item copies the previous list and pastes it into a new post, adds items and posts it;
A third member that needs to add an item, copies the latest post, pastes it into a new post, makes the changes and posts it again;

And so on! In the end, you end up with an endless amount of previous lists... and the most up-to-date on top.

That's ok, but the whole prcess is not very efficient!
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